A roadmap from inception to launch (our story)

All at World Crane Services are proud of our brand history and established reputation – Our journey is one that Clients worldwide connect with as they have seen us grow from being a relatively small underdog to a global pioneer in the provision of port and terminal related engineering services.

Indeed, based on our first-class service many Clients approached WCS for an expanded range of services, particularly in the field of Port Operations and QHSE related services and consultancy – The overwhelming feedback was they had no one to turn to in the market to address such needs that have the ‘on the ground’ experience of operating ports and terminals, without being overly affiliated with a larger group. Equally, the sterling reputation of larger providers and ‘big name’ consultants perhaps having a focus on much larger projects and often with a disconnect to real ground-based scenarios, are sometimes unable to fully address the problems encountered or appreciate the complexities specific to each location, thus the end solutions never resulting fully in the aspirations intended.

This was always very much on the mind of our COO, Mr. Ayman Eldawi, whose drive and vision has allowed the Company to expand into several new market services.

At the same time…

Our Parent Group offer a tailor-made maritime and logistics leadership development program. The program is a perfect blend of the latest research and insights on industry-specific topics combined with leadership and change development. The ‘Evolve Program’ has been specifically designed considering the business needs and diversification from the maritime and terminal business into new areas of the global supply chain.

The Evolve Program provides participants with a wide range of innovative, active learning opportunities and feedback, combined with personal coaching to take an in-depth look at individual leadership challenges. Participants on this one-and-a-half-year learning journey work together on strategic group projects, using their developing skills in enabling cross-functional collaboration and enabling company-wide innovation.

Our industry is advancing at unprecedented speeds and as all our business strategies develop to include elements of the wider supply chain, the expertise of our people also needs to grow and ‘EVOLVE’. With this philosophy in mind and the Evolve Program has become industry renowned offered through a partnership with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and recognises that future leaders need to know how to integrate the latest technology, for example, into our business model today and be equipped with the right tools and confidence to think outside the box – to conceptualise innovative new ideas to help us lead the future of world trade.

Two Employees participating in the programme, Mr. Patrick Chan and Ms. Gloria Choy also identified the same opportunity to provide “Optimisation Services” focusing on “Operational and Safety” issues, available to both internal and external parties, but also recognising the need for the provider to be not only well established with a vast support mechanism but also independent… and there can be no better option than “EVOLVING” the WCS brand to successfully achieve these goals and new service ambitions.

As with many beginnings and new ventures, the origins of WCS Consulting is a result of the drive and vision of like-minded individuals and a meeting of ideas. From a sketched bullet point road map to a fully-fledged business due to be officially launched at TOC Europe later this year, our story will continue…