Welcome to Miami!!! WCS in sunny Miami for the 2022 National Maritime Safety Association annual conference

In yet another busy week at WCS, Sean Corbett from our Manufactured Products Division was both a presenter/guest speaker to the Technical Committee & exhibitor in sunny Miami for the 2022 National Maritime Safety Association annual conference. 

The National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) represents the marine cargo handling industry in the United States in safety and health matters arising under various statutes.

Comprising of a collaboration of maritime leaders and safety personnel throughout North America and the rest of the world who gather with the goal of protecting the health and safety of all those in the marine cargo handling industry.

NMSA’s continued success is a direct result of its purpose in that protecting employee health and safety is paramount. Additionally, those within — and partnered with — the association ensure that NMSA maintains the collective expertise to grow as needed and serve the marine cargo handling industry.

It was a pleasure for WCS to meet & present to so many US & Canadian #safety & #safetyculture leaders from all across the North American port industry – A huge market for our safety-focused products & we look forward to connecting with everyone again soon. #maritime WCS – World Crane Services