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Engineering training

Put simply, port handling equipment makes money with each lift undertaken & downtime equals lost time & potential revenue. Therefore, the need to have a robust & experienced engineering & maintenance regime ensuring maximum equipment availability is obvious.

With inception & history firmly based on & a reputation of superiority in providing engineering services across the globe, you can be sure that the same level of excellence is applied in the engineering related training programs available from WCS.

One such program is the ‘Know Your Crane’ training, delivered by certified trainers for cranes of all types, combining a classroom & hands-on approach & content – delivered at basic, intermediate, & advanced levels.

They are conducted at customers’ sites in groups of six to eight engineers, with a duration that varies from five to fifteen days, depending on the program content & your needs.

The ‘Know Your Crane’ program familiarize engineers with all areas & functions, teaches fault finding & failure analysis, working with the drives & PLC’s up to the advanced level which includes programming of PLC’s.

Following the success & further strong demand for further engineering related training, we are pleased to be able to offer the below expanded Technical Training programs, ensuring that port & terminal engineers have the necessary electrical, mechanical, digital & administrative know-how.

With a core focus on safety, practical fault diagnosis skills & corrective remedies, you can be sure that your cranes & handling equipment will be in good hands.

Please see below for a list of available training programs or contact us to discuss how we can assist & resolve your Technical training needs or to learn more about our engineering-based services.

These modules can be delivered on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or incorporated in other appropriate content. As with all our training services, these are also fully customisable in terms of content, delivery & language.

Can’t find the training content you are looking for in the above? Then don’t hesitate to contact us as this is not an exhaustive list & if we don’t have the needed materials & programs already available, rest assured we will work with you to develop the same, drawing on our vast network of expertise.

General Port Worker Training

Delivered around a core syllabus aimed to provide an in-depth overview across a range of port activities & market sectors, from container & multi-purpose terminal activities, conventional cargo & RO/RO to project cargoes, heavy lift operations & bulk commodity handling.

In addition to instilling knowledge of cargo handling methods, operational activities, the different vessel classifications, the course first & foremost promotes a safety-first approach & culture.

As with all WCS Training Programs, the content & delivery is fully customisable to your needs & available in multiple languages.

Interested in learning more about our General Port Worker training? Contact us.

IT Literacy Training & Administrative

With the continued rollout of technology & the strive for digitisation becoming the cornerstone of port-centric logistics, whether engaged in office-based administrative duties or having an ‘on-the-ground’ focus, ensuring that your staff have a broad set of IT & administrative skills are key to success in the heavily data-driven maritime sector.

From the basic use of e-mails & Microsoft Office applications to how best to use these resources to undertake statistical analysis & reporting, we offer targeted training content based on assessed skills, demand & required learning outcomes.

But rather than delivering a simple ‘off the shelve’ or ‘how to guide’, our services are tailored to meet your needs & applied with a unique understanding of the distinctive needs of ports & terminals & recognising English maybe a second language in an international market.

Do you want to invest in your staff, ensuring the essential insights & skills that can guarantee your success in the world of information technology? Then contact us to discuss how we can assist.

Interested in learning more about our IT Literacy Training & Administrative training? Contact us.

Lashing & Rigging Training

Intended to build upon the contents of the broader General Port Worker Syllabus (but also available in a stand-alone format), the Lashing & Rigger Training & provide detailed knowledge, both practical & theoretical, of the key issues related to the lashing & securing of different cargo types & modalities.

Also covered is an understanding of key issues related to cargo securing, the forces that apply on the load during the transportation & the calculation of these forces & the lashing factors, as well as reading & interpretation of cargo handling & load plans.

The course also aims to provide a detailed knowledge of the relevant rules & regulations, the importance of good stowage, through to aspects such as Warranty Surveys.

Additionally, the course delivery & content can be customised to include supervisory & oversight aspects for intended delivery to Foreman, Superintendents & Surveyors. Furthermore, a version aimed at Engineering Based Roles is also available.

Interested in learning more about our Lashing & Rigging Training? Contact us.

Lifting Supervisor & Signalman Training

The Signalman is the essential eyes & ears for the Operator & others during any lift operation. Whether this is the repetitive & fast-paced working of a container vessel or complicated project cargos & tandem lifts, the need to have good coordination & communication throughout is obvious.

Our Lifting Foreman & Signalman training course is aimed at providing the knowledge & skills needed to prepare any load for the safe & efficient lifting by any equipment, ensuring the correct, clear signals & guidance are given to the Operator ensuring safe manoeuvring of the cargo to the destination.

From the basics of undertaking planning activities, selection & pre-inspection checks of lifting gear & equipment through to execution & completion, participants will learn the various crane signals, including standard, non-standard & voice commands a Signalperson has at their disposal & the basic safety protocol when undertaking lifting operations, to complete safely & effectively.

Interested in learning more about our Lifting Supervisor & Signalman Training? Contact us.

Marine Training

Through our wider Group resources & in collaboration with our network of global partners, we can offer a range of marine operations services & training.

With access to multiple, ‘state of the art’ simulators & training centres, we can provide world class training to a range of maritime professionals from vessel crews & officers to port superintendents, with ship simulations (Command & Engineering) that provide ultrarealistic scenario training environments & enable marine professionals to focus their technical and resource management skills.

Interested in learning more about our various marine services & training abilities? Then contact us to find out how we can assist.

Interested in learning more about our Marine TrainingContact us.

Misc. & Other Training Modules

In addition to the main training content listed, we also offer a range of other smaller modules that can be delivered on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or incorporated in other appropriate content. As with all our training services, these are also fully customisable in terms of content, delivery & language. Please see below for a list of our more popular courses.

Interested in learning more about these training modules? Contact us.

Can’t find the training content you are looking for in the above? Then don’t hesitate to contact us as this is not an exhaustive list & if we don’t have the needed materials & programs already available, rest assured we will work with you to develop the same, drawing on our vast network of expertise.

Interested in learning more about these training modules? Contact us.

Operator Training

Operator ability is directly linked to your reputation & when it comes to the smooth operation in the fast-paced environments of ports & terminals, it is essential to avoid lost time, ensure reliability, but first & foremost, to work safely reducing any element of risk.

Port equipment represents not only expensive assets but also a prerequisite to undertaking your core business. Key elements that if not available can impact your service levels & Client satisfaction. It is therefore only logical to ensure that the selection & training process of Operators be recognised as a critical factor in achieving success.

WCS understands your need for the effectiveness & reliability that’s necessary to ensure efficient operations & provides training that allows your personnel to work both productively & safely, building the skills & knowledge to prevent accidents, delays & ensuring safe handling.

We offer an extensive range of courses that qualify your staff in the safe & efficient operation & maintenance of port equipment & their components, aimed at ensuring you can fully exploit not only your staffs’ experience & skills, but fully utilise their maximum potential.

As with many WCS services, our operator training programs are flexible to meet your needs. They can be conducted at your location or our training facilities & are deliverable in multiple languages.

However, our commitment goes beyond a simple ‘pass or fail approach’ & we fully recognise that each candidate will have individual aptitudes, abilities & progression. We aim to identify these & give you full feedback on how best to develop each person on an individual basis, enabling a more targeted approach, all fully supported with additional ongoing monitoring & guidance.

Please see below for a list of available training programs or contact us to discuss how we can assist & resolve your Operator training needs.

Further equipment types & training options are available – Please contact us to find out more.

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Port Operations & Role Based Training Programs

Training is of paramount importance in ensuring that your staff’s skills sets, knowledge base & practical experience are up-to-date, resulting in benefits such as greater efficiency, motivation, dedication & staff retention.

Supporting, educating & developing staff through training is more than just investing in people or providing the minimum essential knowledge to undertake specific tasks. When implemented correctly, that support becomes a two-way synergy, ensuring protection for people, cargo, equipment, environment & ultimately, client satisfaction – Nowhere is this more important than for ground-based, executional roles.

WCS specialises in all fields of port & terminal operations & the safe handling of any commodity. Collectively, our staff has a vast array of experience & credentials covering multiple disciplines, from hands-on practical terminal & operations experience to equipment, engineering, QHSE & even terminal design & start-ups. WCS prides itself by the fact we assign only the staff with the right skill potential to train, mentor & deliver in all your project & training needs.

We offer a range of role-based training solutions with fully customisable content, delivery & continued support specific to your needs. Please scroll through this page for further details on some of the training programs we provide or contact us for more information.

Interested in learning more about our Port Operations & Role Based Training Programs? Contact us.

Refresher Training & Continued Support

No matter how well trained your personnel are, the passage of time & human nature invariably lead to knowledge gaps & bad habits. That’s why is incredibly important to ensure that training regimes are undertaken on a rolling, regular basis or by refresher courses.

Refresher training is beneficial as it can identify gaps in current training approaches & address a lack of skills in a given area. Whether these gaps revolve around safety, compliance, process or procedures, the importance of a refresher course should never be underestimated.

Other benefits include consistent adherence to standards achieved through refreshing long-term memory on a semi-regular basis allowing personnel to be able to retain the key information & skill sets.

Refresher training is also shown to reduce errors. If you are facing an increase in what seem to be avoidable mistakes, this may indicate that employees aren’t following the processes set in place for them to accomplish a task as quickly & efficiently as possible & it could be because they don’t entirely know what the process involves.

A refresher course is also the perfect solution for those that have taken a break from an organisation or to ensure those skills for less frequent activities undertaken are not lost.

We offer refresher courses for the majority of our listed training programs & these can be conducted in a variety of ways, from on-line to on-the-ground, delivered in multiple languages & customised to meet your needs.

Interested in learning more about our Refresher Training & Continued Support? Contact us.

Safety Training

Ports often form a major part of coastal communities & urban centres. They serve as focal points of economic development & the gateway to trade. This gives rise to the need for efficient & effective health, safety & environment awareness programmes for employees to safeguard their & their families’ lives against incidents at work.

Port authorities & operators face many challenges concerning their roles, their impact in sustainable development & in meeting the rigorous Health & Safety demands expected within the industry.

Anyone working in a port knows that they can be hazardous if risks are not controlled with operational activities, vessels, cranes & vehicles some of the more obvious hazards. However, some hazards exist that are less obvious but can be equally fatal. Thus, training in health & safety of employees & adherence to global standards is extremely important.

WCS’s QHSE related training programs aim to make your port or terminal a safer, more skilled environment, improving the safety culture & conduct operations in a controlled manner to safeguard against the occurrence of occupational hazards by empowering your staff with an in-depth knowledge of QHSE & the practical application to the protection of employees & the environment.

With a vast & fully customisable content, program delivery can be fully targeted to your needs, audience & in multiple languages, bringing the benefits of not only increased safety, a positive impact to overall training activities & strengthening your brand reputation, but also the reduced risk & costs of incidents.

Additional ongoing support services, such as, regular audits & refresher training are also available. Please contact us to find out more about our customisable QHSE training modules.

Interested in learning more about our Safety Training? Contact us.

Security & ISPS Training

Ports & terminals are busy, thriving entities & fundamental to global trade & development. They are also considered potential targets & may attract illegitimate interests & activities. Therefore, the increased importance of maritime security cannot be understated.

The introduction of & adherence to the ISPS Code has far-reaching implications for personnel assigned responsibilities for safeguarding your facilities. These important considerations may appear daunting, but we understand the complexities & provide approved Port Facility Security Officer or Ship Security Office training courses to help implement & execute.

Our comprehensive training programme provides an in-depth knowledge & practical understanding of the ISPS Code, fully immersing candidates in the mandatory aspects & application to your specific environment.

From conducting initial security surveys & assessments of the port facility, through to developing & implementing security plans & the measures needed, our training programs ensure the essential knowledge, skills & experience to achieve success.

In addition to the Security Training detailed above, we also offer a range of related training modules & Security & Risk Management Services [INSERT LINK]. Please contact us to learn more.

Interested in learning more about our Security & ISPS Training? Contact us.

Selection & Assessment

Many ports & terminals rely on a natural progression & periodic employee review for candidate selection that, especially with regards to operator selection & training, is not always the best approach, frequently resulting in low pass rates, skill retention. Furthermore, ‘in-house’ training relying on the use of other operators frequently instils continued proliferation of bad habits & poor practices.

Working with our Parent Group’s Training Academy, we can offer a portfolio of high-quality training & selection assessments based on global level experience, given in person, in hybrid settings or virtually.

Our simulator assessments & training based programs include customised modules for terminal tractors, empty container handlers, reach stackers & forklift driver training, all the way to gantry (RMG & RTG), ship-to-shore & mobile harbour cranes, plus the hyper-realistic modelling of major working terminals for a completely immersive & ultra-realistic busy virtual port environment, allowing for measures of speed, accuracy, consistency.

The results provide a solid basis to determine how much training time & a targeted training regime to achieve the desired performance level & tracking of each potential candidate. Equally, the program can be tailored to assess current operators performances & reviews allowing for benchmarking, identification of action points & overall improved performance.

Please contact us to find out more about our simulator-based training & how these can be applied to deliver a more predictive, reliable & targeted assessment, selection & training regime, avoiding the pitfalls & costs of more conventional approaches.

Interested in learning more about our Selection & Assessment? Contact us.

Tally Clerk Training

The role of Tally Clerk is an often underappreciated role within ports & terminals & person who takes up a position as a Tally Clerk is not just a worker, but an instrumental part of day-to-day operations. To competently perform such duties, it is essential that the person has the specific knowledge & experience.

Our training module is aimed to suit all personnel that, during their activities, control the loading, unloading, movement & storage of cargo, as well as providing general safety awareness & overall port operations & cargo handling insight.

The module instils all aspects of the Tally Clerk’s duties & how to execute them in practice, all tailored to your specific requirements. From an ‘on the ground’ focus to documentation, planning, responsibilities towards the different parties, the different vessel types & cargo types, the international terminology, the common symbols & the tools used are all covered, ensure a holistic overview & collaborative approach to your operational activities.

Content is fully customisable for your workforce & available in multiple languages – Contact us for more information.

Interested in learning more about our Tally Clerk Training? Contact us.

Train the Trainer

The dissemination of practical ‘hand-on’ experience, knowledge & skill sets is invaluable for not only newly inducted employee’s, but also as a continuation of that process in day-to-day operations.

However, the challenges of routine activities & demands common in the maritime, ports & logistics sector often present a barrier to this process, resulting in training or skill set shortages & limiting succession planning for the next generation.

With a focus on allowing you to take control of your training needs, fully connect & engage with your local employees & ensure that the long-term & practical experience & knowledge, often unique to your operating environment or location can be transferred seamlessly, we have developed a ‘Train The Trainer’ Program.

Deliverable from a fully customisable module to meet your needs, the core content & focus is based on the mission of the Trainer & providing the vital skills needed to execute that function in the most self-confident & professional manner possible.

WCS can provide additional support in the form of ongoing monitoring & administrative services & refresher training when needed, taking the stress out of the equation & allowing you to focus on your core business activities, without the need for a permanent Presence.

As with all WCS Training Programs, the content & delivery is fully customisable to your needs & available in multiple languages.

Interested in learning more about our Tally Clerk Training Module? Contact us.

Working at Height Training

This course is intended for all people who work at height & highlights the associated risks & practical safety measures.

The course emphasises the need for strategic planning of work at height activities & draws upon several case studies & scenarios to appreciate the benefits of good management control.

Participants are then introduced to the legal duties on employers & employees, discover how risk assessments are carried out to help prevent falls from height & the range of access methods, equipment used & safe operation thereof.

Interested in learning more about our Working at Height Training? Contact us.

DP World Academy

Through our Parent Group, we are also able to offer content from & access to the DP World Academy Training Portfolio, created by DP World to offer higher education & technical training programs within the areas of logistics, ports, maritime, & manufacturing.

Having a solid reputation & becoming one of the most advanced logistics training centres globally, DP World Academy offers a range of high-quality training based on DP World’s experience & global out-reach that is second to none.

Aimed at educating local & international professionals in the competencies that the industry demands, content includes introductory courses, technical and advanced training programs, certificates & executive programs.

For more information, please click the attached link [insert link] or contact us directly.

Interested in learning more about th DP World Academy? Contact us.

Recruitment Services

With our extended network of maritime professionals & leading international experience of port management to draw upon, we are ideally positioned to assist with your recruiting needs.

From role assessments & ensuring the prerequisite credentials & skills are in place to market searches for candidates best suited for your needs, you can be assured of our support in meeting your recruitment needs, allowing you to focus on other demands.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your recruitment activities.